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Learn how to help your peanut allergic child TODAY by reading to them…

Allie the Allergic Elephant: A Children’s Story of Peanut Allergies

Your peanut allergic child must ultimately learn to keep themselves safe. Educating those around your child about peanut allergies and what an allergic reaction entails is the first step. It could save your child’s LIFE!

“Allie” teaches children (and adults) about allergic reactions, how peanuts hide in the most unsuspecting foods and helps everyone understand the severity of food allergies.

"Allie" is a wonderful book written about the perils and triumphs of an elephant that tells her life story of what it is like to live with peanut allergies. The book is geared towards educating pre-school through 3rd grade children, and has helped many adults understand peanut allergies as never before.

This book has beautiful drawings and simple text. It is a must-have for your peanut allergic child, friends, teachers and siblings. Many school districts have purchased this book as an aid to the classroom teachers to teach about peanut allergies.

Help keep your child safe by educating those around him/her. Knowledge is power!

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What people are saying about “Allie the Allergic Elephant”…

Linda Vogelaar, Woodmen Roberts Preschool Teacher
“…a delightful book for parents and teachers to introduce the awareness of severe allergies to young children. Its combination of thoughtful text and simple illustrations engages the interest and dialogue of young listeners and readers alike. It is a much-needed teaching tool in the educational setting.” 

Bonnie Baswell, M.D., Allergist
“Allie is lovingly written and illustrated. This story can help your children, their friends, and teachers learn about peanut allergies.”

Kathy McGee, R.N., B.S.N., District 20 Preschool Nurse
“As a preschool nurse, I found this book to be a wonderful educational tool for young children and their siblings.”

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