Children's Book on 
          Milk Allergy

Learn how to help your milk allergic child TODAY by reading to them…

Cody the Allergic Cow: A Children’s Story of Milk Allergies

  • 28 pages of colorful and beautifully illustrated characters

  •  Easy for children to understand

  •  Teaches children and their friends, teachers and others to 
    understand allergies to milk products

“Cody” helps children learn about milk allergies and how to recognize an allergic reaction. Beautiful illustrations and a simple text make this book a must-have for your child, friends, grandparents and classrooms. 

This is the second book by Nicole Smith, and illustrated by Maggie Nichols. 

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"Cody the Allergic Cow" is a cleverly written book that will help those of
us in public education support one more sector of our population. Through such enlightened awareness students, teachers and parents will serve as a catalyst for more inclusiveness and normalization."
       - Lew Davis, Principal, Foothills Elementary School, Colorado Springs, CO

"Cody," through its delightful illustrations, lets a child learn about milk
allergy, understand responsible behavior, and know that kids can be allergic
to milk yet still have fun. Kids with milk allergy are special, just like
       - Lynda Mitchell, Mother of milk-allergic child, Food Allergy support group facilitator

Thank you, Nicole and Maggie, for another child friendly, informative book
on food allergies. I'm delighted to have another one of your books and will
recommend "Cody the Allergic Cow" for the little ones in my practice with
milk or other food allergies.
       - Bonnie Baswell, M. D. Allergist, Colorado Springs, CO

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